What is adhesiontext?

adhesiontext is a dynamic text tool created by Miguel Sousa.

What does it do?

It generates a dummy text paragraph with the set of characters submitted by the user.

Who can use it?

Everyone. adhesiontext is free.

What is the purpose of adhesiontext?

To provide texts with a limited set of characters in several pseudo-languages. These can be particularly useful for typeface designers and font developers, especially during early work stages.

Which text encoding does it use?

adhesiontext is Unicode® compliant. Please make sure your browser, software application and operating system is fully Unicode aware, otherwise the results may be erroneous.

How does adhesiontext work?

A function collects all the words from the database that match the set of characters, and groups them according to length. It then builds the text block by copying random elements from these groups. Optionally, basic punctuation can be added, and the first word of each sentence can be capitalised.

Can adhesiontext have more languages and features?

Yes. This project is a work in progress. Any suggestions and feedback can be sent to Miguel Sousa.

Why "adhesiontext"?

adhesion is the initial set of characters used in the Master of Arts in Typeface Design programme at the University of Reading (UK), which inspired the development of this text tool.


Word lists by

|English Grady Ward |French Rémi Vanicat, Christophe Pythoud and GUTenberg Association |German LEO Dictionary team |Spanish Juan Luis Varona |Catalan Joan Dol |Portuguese LabEL team |Dutch Nederlandstalige TeX Gebruikersgroep |Russian Alexander Lebedev |Greek Giannis Mitalas and Nikos Seraskeris |Arabic Arabeyes Project

Languages implemented with the kind help of

|English Tiffany Wardle |German Tim Ahrens |Russian Sophia Safaeva and Tim Ahrens |Greek Gerry Leonidas |Arabic Fiona Ross and Kamal Mansour


I would like to thank my classmates Ben, Brook, José, Malou, Mike and Pilar, my programme director Gerry, and my good friend Carolyn. Their precious feedback made this project much better and helped me pushing it even further.